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Characters in Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Even as a little girl Cherie Ames was always helping people. Being the only child of a British mother and French father she grew up in a happy environment and no expense was spared in her education or her needs. Cherie was a kindly girl of a gentle nature though she could flare up when provoked or if she saw those less fortunate or brave being pushed around.

After graduating from Beauxbatons, Cherie worked a few months for the ministry as a nurse during the dark times. It was at this time that she met Arnold Blair a young Ministry employee who was fast gaining a reputation as a young man who was dependable and trustworthy. The attraction was almost instantaneous and even the beginnings of those dark days, true love bound the two together.

Many things happend within the next few years. Cherie and Arnold were married after a year of courtship. Right after which Cherie enrolled in the School for Magical Medicine and receieved her certification as a Mediwizard it was only 2 months after this that Cherie found out that she was pregnant. All things seemed perfect for the Blairs and indeed they were looked upon as one of the most fortunate of young families. Arnold was fast riseing in status and position in the ministry and Cherie though pregnant was receieveing good reports for her work in St Mungo's.

In the spring time the Blairs were blessed with the birth of a baby girl. With her mother's fair skin and her father's dark eyes, the baby was named Faith Marie Blair.

All was indeed perfect in the Blair household for the next few years. The dark times were over and the remenants of the Deatheaters were being routed out. Arnold was a large influence in these times and much of his investigations and contacts led to the arrests of many death eaters. It was due to this that he was marked by them as a thorn in their side and to be eliminated immedieatly.

The hour of the attack was early morning before the sun rose. The Blairs were asleep in their beds. With young Faith finally agreeing to sleep in her own room for the first night. The intruders crept into the house hoping to catch the family unawares and disposeing of all of them in their sleep. But something happened that they did not intend. The toddler, Faith, had woken up and was crying for her mother. Panicking the two death eaters rushed to the child's room to silence the cry before it woke her parents. But Cherie had already heard it and entered the room just in time to see her baby girl hit with the Avada Kedavra curse. Cherie screamed in anguish but was able to duck out of the way before being hit with the curse herself. In the meantime Arnold had heard his wife's scream and come out of their room with his wand in hand. With a finesse from practice and skill he put both death eaters in a full body bind, before rushing to find his wife who had gone into the baby's room and was crying inconsolably with her little girl's limp body in her arms. Cherie would not leave her baby and it was only through Arnold's strength and their love for each other than she did not get blinded by her grief and lose her mind completly.

The pain of loss grew more managable after a few years but it never went away. Arnold and Cherie rebuilt their lives and are still very much in love today as they were 9 years before when they got married. If nothing else the trials and heartbreak that they went through served to strengthen their bond and love for each other.

Recently Arnold and Cherie learnt that they would soon be parents again. The news brought new joy to their lives but the memory of their little girl has made Cherie more wary of potential dangers. Especially now when she is very vunerable due to the fact that as a pregnant witch her magic becomes a little uncontrollable and using a wand may lead to unexpected and occasionally dangerous results. Pregnant witches only occasionally experience such symptoms but it has seemed to have hit the young Mrs Blair very strongly. Broken dishes and slamming cupboard doors lie testament to her failed attempts at using magic.


Name Cherie Celeste Blair Family Arnold Blair (Husband)
House NA Pet NA
Broomstick NA School

Beauxbatons Graduate
School of Magical Medicines

Special Friends

Joseph Hawkins
Gran and Algie Longbottom

Favourite Things

Helping others
Her job as a Mediwizard in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries