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Characters in Dungeons and Dragons RPG
The child of carnival folk, Andrina Aldaine was the daughter of a sword thrower and a dancer. However the carnival had no need for a female dancer carrying a child and she was cast out of the carnival making her way to Ianto where she made a home for herself and Andrina.

From a young age Andrina's sense of right and wrong have been somewhat skewed. In order to survive Andrina learnt how to steal and cheat. To date she has been caught only once when she was about 12 years old by another street rogue named Kent who took took her under his wing and taught her how to be more subtle in her art. Since then Andrina has not even been suspected of her crimes.

Kent was but 4 years Andrina's senior and the 2 soon became more than just friends. At 16 Andrina was as much in love with the young man as could be. One day Kent did not come to meet her at the tavern where she worked. She had heard tales and rumours that he had been planning to rob some merchants convoy that was passing through the outskirts of the town with some other companions and not returned from the venture. The merchants had reported the attack and claimed to kill all the attackers and disposed of the bodies. Andriana mourned the loss of her love but her strong instinct for survival did not let her dwell on it for long. The ache soon lessened but never went away and she continued to work in the tavern and looked after her mother.

Her natural quickness and dexterity from her parents made her an excellent pick pocket and every night she made enough at the tavern to keep her mother and herself in comfortable quarters as well as put some money aside for the day when she might be able to leave the village. For Andrina had an adventurer's spirit and yearned to see the greater world beyond the village borders.

Name: Andrina Aldaine HP: 13 Speed: 30'
Race: Human, Warwickian AC: 16 Class: Rogue
 Deity: Tyrez Initiative Mod: +3 Birth Date: Nov. 15th
Alignment: Neutral Age: 16 Height:  5' 5"
Weight: 119 lbs. Eyes: brown Hair: brown
Strength 7 Skills Total    
Dexterity 17 Pick Pockets 7    
Constitution 12 Bluff 5    
Intelligence 12 Move Silently 10    
Wisdom 16 Listen 9    
Charisma 10 Spot 9    
Appearance 15 Search 5    
          Use Rope 4      
          Sense Motive 6      
Feats       Profession 4      
Sneak Attack 1d6       Perform 5      
Evasion         Hide 10      
Dodge         Climb 4      
Combat Reflexes         Jump 4      
Uncanny Dodge
sneak attack
2d6       Use Magic Device 6      
Sneak Attack 3d6                
Hide in plain sight                  
Light Armor Proficiency                
Point Blank Shot                  
Far Shot