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Forward The Origins of Greek Mythology
Introduction to Greek Mythology The beginnings, introduction to the classes and the creation myth
Achilles Hero of the Trojan War
Andromeda and Perseus Princess of Ethiopia and a Half god (son of Zeus and Danae)
Aphrodite Goddess of Love
Apollo God of Light, Medicine and Poetry
Ares God of War
Artemis Goddess of Hunting and Childbirth
Athena Goddess of Crafts, War and Wisdom
Cronus & Rhea Father and Mother of Zeus
Daphne A Nymph
Demeter Goddess of the Harvest and all growing things
Dionysos God of Wine, Fertility and Wild Behavior
Eros God of Love and uncontrollable sexual passions
Hades God of the Underworld
Helios God of the Sun
Hephaesthus Blacksmith of the gods and the God of Fire and Metal works
Hera Protector of Marriage and Women also the Wife of Zeus
Heracles The greatest Greek Hero and a Half god (son of Zeus and Alcmene)
Hermes Messenger of the gods. God of Commerce and Science and the protector of travelers, thieves and vagabonds
Hestia Goddess of the Hearth
Hypnos God of Sleep
The Muses Goddesses of Inspiration, Learning, Arts and Culture
Nemesis Goddess of Divine Justice & Vengeance
Oedipus A mortal who by accident married his mother.
Pan God of Shepherds and Flocks
Paris & Helen Prince of Troy and the Queen of Sparta (also reputedly the most beautiful woman of the time)
Poseidon God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses
Prometheus The Creator of Man
Uranus Son and Husband of Gaea and father of the Titans
Zeus King of the gods, God of Justice, Oaths and Hospitality.
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