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First of all thanks to the research team.:

Wendy - I think I owe you the most. You really went above and beyond the call of duty to help in getting this project done by the deadline. I know we planned to one day write this book out proper and perhaps get it published by a REAL publishing company (as opposed to the copies that are in the school library, but I guess we're both too busy with our own lives. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime and try to get this project off the back burner. And are you still an expert on Heracles? :-)

Pearl, Miki, Aik Meng and Su Hwei - I never get to see any of ya'll anymore. I just wanna thank you for letting me talk you into being a part of this project. Definately it would never get done without your help.

My favorite artists in their own ways:

Per Westman (my kindom mate *G*) - the side frame buttons look great. Thanks for helping me design them and the Column idea was a stroke of genius.

And last but not least

Melissa - Thanks for doing the art work. They really look good. Continue to develop your own style and don't think I'm going to stop nagging at you for more to fill up the pages. We got 40 characters to get through so go get drawing. What ya waiting for *giggle* Anyway I hope you get a lot of reconition for your art work on this page and that the people looking at them reconise your talent and appreciate your hard work. I know I do.